About Us

Modern bathroom

I’m Chris Wakoko, owner and founder of High Shower. Since my early days growing up on a farm in Iowa, I’ve always been a DIY enthusiast who preferred quick and lasting solutions to the common problems we face. This led me to study, practice, and collaborate on how to fix things. This is a passion I’ve had and practiced for more than 15 years.

Through college, pursuing a finance degree at the University of California, and working with DIY experts and major brands in the industry (Kohler, Moen, and others), I decided to launch HighShower to express my enthusiasm for fixing things and providing solutions to the most common problems in the most common area of the household; the bathroom.

I’m an avid attendee of DIY conferences like the Jacksonville Home & Garden Show, San Antonio Home + Garden Show, and many others.

I’m a Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler (CKBR) and an active trainee of the DIY Training Center who has gone on to teach more than 700,000 people the same skills.

To this day, this blog has helped thousands of people live a better, stress-free life by providing easy and quick fixes to potentially embarrassing problems in the bathroom. I provide quick, easy, and safe solutions and recommend the best product for a problem.

I recommend only high-quality products and proven solutions to the common problems in the shower and general bathroom area. My posts may include affiliate links from which I may earn some commission at no extra cost to my readers.

Thank you for being part of my team.