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This is a collection of highly researched improvements and solutions to common problems in the bathroom and related areas. I base my findings on years of experience working with tools, fixing bathroom fixtures, and working with experts and major brands in the industry. You will also learn about portable toilets, raised toilets, rustproof bathroom fixtures, the best bathroom vanities, and even how to make your own bathtubs!

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  • Toilet Flushes Twice: Causes & Quick Fixes
    It can be frustrating when you flush your toilet only to have it seem to flush a second time right after. Rather than a ghost in the pipes, this phenomenon usually has a mechanical cause. A toilet that flushes twice … Read more
  • The Anatomy of a Toilet + How it Works
    At first glance, a toilet may seem like a simple device. However, this essential bathroom fixture actually consists of many parts working together to transport waste and clean the bowl through a quick flush. The main parts of a toilet … Read more
  • How to Repair a Mirror Scratch
    Having a scratch on your mirror can be disheartening. We all love our mirrors to look flawless and crisp. In most cases, you can fix it or simply go for a new one. Having scratched my bathroom mirror while shaving … Read more
  • The Best Plants for the Bathroom
    Your bathroom can benefit a lot from houseplants adapted to the climate in it. The warm and damp space can benefit from plants that absorb the excess moisture and require less lighting. Some of the best plants for your bathroom … Read more
  • Can I Use Makeup Wipes as Toilet Paper?
    It can be quite a dilemma. After using the restroom, you find you’re out of toilet paper only after getting up from the seat. What’s the next best option? Although makeup wipes can serve as toilet paper, watch out for … Read more
  • Does the Washing Machine Drain into the Sewer Line?
    You may not know where your washing machine’s wastewater goes, especially if you recently moved into a new house where it was never necessary to figure out where the washing machine drain goes. Knowing where it drains helps avert a … Read more