How Heavy is a Toilet?

Knowing how heavy a toilet is and whether you can lift it on your own will help you decide whether to buy a new bathroom or replace an old one. Likewise, we had the same question. These are our conclusions.

The typical toilet weighs between 60 to 120 pounds (27 – 55 Kg). The type and design both play a role. Toilets with two pieces often weigh between 60 and 100 pounds (30 – 45 kg). One-piece toilets that look better and cost more typically weigh 80 to 120 pounds (35 – 55 kg).

Toilet seat and tissue role

The weight, type of toilet you need, and the cost of installing the toilet are all you need to know the toilet of your design in your bathroom.

Factors determining the weight of a toilet

Due to their comparable uses and features, toilets are generally thought to weigh the same. In reality, several factors affect a toilet’s overall weight. These elements consist of the following:

1. Number of pieces

Whether a toilet is one-piece or two-piece is one of the most essential aspects affecting its weight. A two-piece one has a separate tank and bowl, whereas a one-piece toilet combines the base and tank.

  • One-piece toilets

One-piece toilets typically weigh 100 pounds, whereas two-piece toilets are considerably lighter, weighing about 50 pounds (bowl or tank). The bowl and tank are firmly attached to the one-piece, which makes it heavier by default.

  • Two-piece toilet

The base and tank of the two-piece toilet are separate, making it simpler to lift. This feature will make it simpler to lift and more straightforward to install. 

In addition, the bowl and tank may be lifted individually if you want to install the toilet, making it much simpler to handle and position in the right spot.

2. Design and size

Toilets are made to fit various bathroom sizes in addition to different-sized persons. For instance, compared to regular height toilets, comfort height toilets are taller. These toilets weigh more since additional material is required to make them taller.

3. Material

The type of material employed affects the structure’s weight. For instance, porcelain is the most popular material used to make toilets. This is because porcelain weighs a lot all by itself. 

4. Model and brand

The weight of a toilet will vary depending on the manufacturing methods used by different toilet manufacturers.

A one-piece toilet made by one business may weigh differently than a similar one made by another firm. However, the designs for toilets may be identical across many of the top manufacturers.

5. Smart toilets

While smart toilets may not have a tank and may be small in size, they are still rather hefty. However, they have a ton of wonderful attributes, which is why. The toilet will become slightly heavier as a result of all this technology. 

6. Portable toilets

Portable toilets typically weigh 5-8 kilograms or 10-15 pounds.

These portable toilets are made simple to transport while traveling, hiking, camping, vacationing, and operating a truck. To keep the toilets lightweight, plastic is used in their manufacture.

Besides these, you also need to know the weight contribution from the other toilet parts such as the flappers, chains and such.

Can I lift a toilet?

Toilets typically aren’t too heavy for an average person as they can lift 100 lbs of dead weight. However, the design of the toilet itself can create issues. 

For instance, a two-piece toilet is more comfortable moving because the tank and bowl are separate. 

However, any size or model toilet may be moved easily if you have additional help lifting it.

When it comes to installation, some toilets need to be installed by a skilled individual. After understanding the process’s numerous parts, finishing it could be more accessible. 

A considerable amount of physical strength will also be needed to remove and dispose of the old toilet before installing the new one.

The best scenario would be for two individuals to install your toilet without breaking or damaging it.

Do toilets have weight limits?

It could be disastrous if we were sitting on the toilet when it broke. So, the question that is likely now on everyone’s mind who is reading this is, “Are there weight restrictions on toilets?”

Of course, a toilet has a weight restriction. However, the limit varies based on the type of toilet, how it was built, and how it was designed. For instance, the typical weight restriction for floor toilets is about 453 kg or 1,000 lbs.

Wall-mounted toilets, on the other hand, can support 227 kg or 500 lbs.

You could want to think about the sturdiness of your toilet if you or anyone else in your home is on the heavier side or if you anticipate visitors that do.


When preparing to buy and install a new toilet, it helps to know how much it weighs. In addition, it will assist you in determining if you will need assistance or whether you can do the toilet installation yourself.

Toilets are available in various styles and dimensions, as seen in the list above. They also come in various weights. The toilet may not be the heaviest bathroom equipment, but it should be transported with the utmost care because it is very delicate.

Keep in mind that installing a toilet is just one step in using it. Solving issues such as toilet fill valve problems is also a valuable skill to have.

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