How to Clean a Pebble Shower Floor: Cleaners and Steps

Pebble shower floors are one of the most luxurious and most preferred bathroom floors that give you a special massaging effect on your feet. Pebble floors can last for many years when well-maintained by cleaning them properly, hence long-term benefits. Cleaning them is a bit delicate as shall be seen in the sections below.

Mix 1 part vinegar and 16 parts water in a spray bottle then mix evenly. Spray the mixture on the pebble shower floor then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Scrub the floor with a soft-bristled brush making sure you cover all parts. Rinse with warm water then let it dry up.

How to Clean a Pebble Shower Floor

What type of pebble shower floor do I have?

Pebble shower floors are categorized based on the types of pebbles and whether the grout is concrete or epoxy, and if the floor is sealed or not. Knowing the type of floor helps a lot in determining the cleaning method.

There are two main types of pebbles mainly flat and round pebbles. The main popular pebble shower floor is the flat pebble tile made of porcelain. As the name suggests, the flat pebble tile is a smooth surface that makes it easy to obtain clean lines due to its defined tiles. In addition, it gives a good impression similar to natural pebbles in a flat format. Unlike conventional tiles which can be painted, pebble shower floors can’t be painted.

The round pebbles are natural stones picked from a riverbed or other area. They differ in shapes, sizes, and colors which makes them unique. They offer a massaging sensation to the feet but are harder to clean than flat pebbles.

The cleaning methods for pebble shower floors are applicable to flat pebble tile and other types of floors available in the market. Therefore, it is essential to note that the cleaning methods to be discussed are almost applicable to each type of pebble shower floor.

How to clean a pebble shower floor

Here are different effective methods to choose among for effective pebble floor cleaning:

Cleaning methodProcedure 
DIY cleanerMix vinegar with water (1:16), spray, and wait for 15 minutes. Scrub and rinse with warm water.
Steam cleanerWash the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner then steam-clean at a distance of 3-6 inches from the floor.
Commercial cleanersRead cleaning instructions on the product.
Mild detergentsMix a 1/4 cup of a vegetable-based detergent with warm water (1:1). Apply to the floor then scrub before rinsing.

1. Clean pebble shower floor with a DIY cleaner

This is one of the least-costly methods of cleaning pebble floors since you do not need to buy expensive cleaning products. It only requires safe neutral-PH solutions you can readily acquire. It is essential to ensure that pebble tiles in your shower are well-installed. Also, pebbles and grouts should be well-finished with quality sealants. 

You can easily clean your pebble shower floor using vinegar with the help of the following steps:

  • Fill a clean spray bottle with vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:16 respectively and mix the solution properly.
  • Thoroughly spray the solution on your pebble floor and allow the solution to take several minutes for effectiveness. The permitted time is meant to remove soap scum, hard water deposits, and any residue lingering on the surface.
  • With a nylon-bristle brush, scrub the pebbles and grout in a circular motion. Ensure you wash the stones thoroughly around the corners if you truly aim for a clean floor.
  • Turn on your shower or use warm water to rinse the floor until it thoroughly rinses.
  • Let it dry up.

If you notice any stubborn stains using this method, you can replace the vinegar with hydrochloric acid in the ratio of 1:10 with the same procedure. However, consider using safety glasses and rubber gloves when using this method. Also, ensure proper ventilation in your bathroom by turning on nearby fans and opening windows and doors to ensure air circulation.

2. Using a steam cleaner

The steam cleaning method is effective for pebble shower floors with soap scum build-ups. It is a safe, easy, and friendly method that involves the following steps:

  • Use a mild-alkaline or a PH-neutral solution to wet and wash the floor.
  • A hand-held cleaner loosens old dirt and grime. Use it at an angle and 3 to 6 inches above the pebble floor.
  • Use water to rinse the floor and dry for some minutes.

The method leaves your floor sparkling clean without any previous soap scum and grime.

3. Using a commercial cleaner

Commercial cleaners meant for natural stone or tiles can be used to clean pebble shower floors as well. They come with differing instructions and methods hence the need to read each label before using them. Avoid those ones that are harsh and poisonous since they’ll damage your floor.

4. Using Mild Detergents

Mild detergents are effective for pebble stones with multiple small stones. Mild detergents with an alkaline base clean pebble tile quickly. It is important to note that harsh chemicals such as ammonia can easily damage the floor surface.

The steps are as follows:

  • Mix ¼ cup of vegetable-based detergent with some warm water in equal proportion. 
  • Apply the solution to the surface and scrub with a bristle brush to clean the surface.

The method gives desirable results within a short time.

How to clean grout in a pebble shower floor

Here are some practical solutions you can try to get grout off your pebble shower floor:

  • Use plain warm water and a stiff-blistered brush to scrub grout stains on the floor. Ensure that you are not too intense to avoid damaging the pebble tiles.
  • You can also clean the floor using a solution of vinegar and water in equal proportions allowing it to settle for a while. The time is allowed to loosen the grime. Later, rinse off the surface with clean plain water.
  • Using a paste of home baking powder and vinegar can also effectively remove the grout.
  • Chlorine bleach application can also help remove the grout effectively.
  • Not to forget, hydrogen peroxide is also commonly used to remove grout on pebble shower floors by simply pouring it on the surface and allowing it to sit on the surface for some time, later washing it off.

Avoid ammonia and strong acids as they may damage your pebble shower floor.

How to clean mold from pebble shower floors

Here are some helpful tips to get mold off your pebble shower floors:

1. Scrubbing mold with a toothbrush

You can quickly get off mold on your pebble shower floor using a bristle brush and a grout cleaner. You only need to apply the grout cleaner then scrub the surface and then rinse it with warm water to dry off.

2. Treat mold with bleach

Bleach is among the most-effective methods of getting off the mold. You only need to sprinkle a mixture of bleach and water on the affected area, then scrub with a soft-bristled brush. It would be best to allow 10-15 minutes to soak and then rinse off with some warm water.

3. Clean your pebble floor weekly

Cleaning your pebble floor weekly will keep your floor clean and mold-free. This tip is practical as it will always reduce scum, grime, and water deposits which cause the building up of mold and mildew.

How to protect a pebble shower floor during cleaning

Here are tips to prevent damage to your pebble shower floor during cleaning:

  • Always use soft cloths and sponges when cleaning the pebble shower floor to avoid damage to the sealant.
  • After cleaning the pebble floor, using soft cloths or a blow drier will ensure no left spots.
  • Never drug cleaners on the pebble floor as they leave invisible damage.
  • Wipe sealant with a soft towel or cloth regularly to avoid excess build-up.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners and using too much force when cleaning the floor.

With these tips in mind, your pebble shower floors will serve you for long and stay in great condition. Most of these precautions also apply to teak shower floors.

How to keep pebble shower floors clean

Here are tips to help you maintain a clean pebble shower floor:

  • Clean your floor every week: This reduces water deposits and mold build-up that makes your floor hard to clean.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals and cleaners will harm your floor by damaging your stones and deteriorating the sealant and grout.
  • Ensure proper installation of your floor: Properly-installed floors are easy to clean hence increasing sparkling ability and lifespan.
  • Avoid professional services: Cleaning your pebble shower floor is an easy task when performed regularly. There is no need to hire professional cleaners unless you have insufficient time to conduct the process. 

Pebble floors aren’t hard to maintain. If they get damaged, it’s also easy to install a fresh pebble shower floor since the steps are easy to follow and implement.

Bottom line

Pebble shower floor cleaning is an easy task with the right preparations. All you need is to secure time and the readily available resources to clean your floor. Use any easy, friendly, and safe methods for your pebble shower floor cleaning and enjoy a sparkling effect you have always aimed at. Knowing how to clean a stone shower floor such as the pebble type is important since natural stone responds differently to chemicals compared to commercial substances such as tiles.

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