Remove Toilet Paper Holder – All Types

Have you decided to repaint, remodel or give your bathroom a whole new look with the wallpapers? Then you need to figure out how to remove the toilet paper holder and get one that matches the new feel.

Remove the roll of toilet paper and holder rod. Afterward, inspect the mounts to determine whether they have screws, glue, or mastic. Remove the toilet paper holder depending on the method used to attach it to the wall. For screwed ones, use a screwdriver or Allen key and a heat gun for glued ones.

A toilet paper holder is secured to the wall either by screws or adhesives. There are several approaches you can use to remove the holder. This article explores the different types of holders and how you can detach them from the toilet wall. 

Remove Toilet Paper Holder - All Types

Types of Toilet Paper Holders

Today’s market has a wide variety of holders that you can choose from. Broadly, the paper holders can be categorized in terms of the materials they are made of and how they are mounted to the wall.

1. Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Remove Toilet Paper Holder - Recesed Toilet Paper Holder

A recessed toilet paper holder is that curved holder you see in most restaurants and homes. Mostly, it’s fixed during the building setup or when remodeling the toilet. It works best when space is limited since it’s flushed with the wall. 

In most cases, the recessed toilet paper holder is attached to the wall by screws that are not visible at a glance. The screws are fixed behind the rod that holds the tissue paper. Under unique circumstances, the recessed holder can be held to the wall using adhesives.

This rod may rust which may require cleaning with vinegar similar to removing rust from a shower rod.

2. Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

Remove Toilet Paper Holder - Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

The ceramic toilet paper is made up of clay and hardened by heating – you can hardly tell it’s clay. They are most preferred as they are easy to clean and maintain. In addition, they offer a beautiful finishing touch to your toilet. These are mostly attached to the wall using adhesives. It looks good on ceramic or porcelain shower tiles.

3. Glued Toilet Paper Holder

Remove Toilet Paper Holder - Glued Toilet Paper Holder

As the name suggests, these are glued to the exterior part of the wall. At the base, these holders are saturated with self-adhesive glue so they can stick to the wall. They could be wooden, metallic, or plastic.

It’s easy to install these holders – you can even do it yourself. They also come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and sizes. And the glue at the base is strong enough to last a lifetime.

4. Bracketed Toilet Paper Holders

Remove Toilet Paper Holder - Bracketed Toilet Paper Holder

These are the holders that use mount brackets to attach to the wall. They could be metallic or wooden. You can also mount these holders onto a shelf that holds other toiletries.

Ensure you mount these holders at the right position where even children can easily access them. The bracketed holders come in different shapes and sizes. They work well both on drywalls and tiles. Under the brackets, you find the concealed screw openings tighten as you anchor the holder to the wall. 

these toilet paper holders, combined with septic-safe toilet paper, make your toilet beautiful and clog-free at all times.

How to remove toilet paper holder – no screws

When removing toilet paper holders that have no screws, you need a hammer, chisel, protective glasses, gloves, duct tape to secure neighboring tiles, and a knife.

How to Remove a Mastic/Ceramic Toilet Paper Holder

The steps are as follows:

  1. Cut the grout surrounding the toilet paper holder using a sharp tool.
  2. Armed with your gloves, glasses, hammer and chisel, remove the posts on the side of the holder.
  3. Carefully detach the entire holder from the wall.

You can then simply replace the toilet paper holder or replace the whole tile if you’re repurposing that section of the wall.

Removing a Glued Toilet Paper Holder

Follow the steps below to remove a toilet paper holder glued to the wall:

  1. Use a heat gun to warm up the area surrounding the holder. Target heating around the posts first, then the base where the adhesive is in plenty.
  2. Using a hammer, slide in the blade of a knife until the holder loosens up.
  3. Position a soft surface that the holder can land on to avoid breaking.

Be careful not to overheat the surrounding area since you can damage the wall materials. Heat guns can also scald you hence the need to be careful when using them.

How to Remove a Glued-on Recessed Holder

The steps to remove a glued-on recessed holder are as follows:

  1. Using a sharp knife, remove the caulk that surrounds the holder.
  2. Using the tip of your pliers, remove the strip that had held the caulk in place.
  3. With the hammer and the chisel, pry out all the edges of the holder until it comes out.

Be gentle with this procedure since you can easily damage the wall with too much force.

How to remove toilet paper holder from wall

To remove toilet paper holders that are secured with screws, you need a screwdriver, a grout remover, and duct tape. For those toilet paper holders held in place with glue or mastic, you need a heat gun and chisel respectively.

Toilet Holder TypeRemoval Procedure
Recessed toilet paper holderRemove the holder rod to access the screws.
Remove the grout around the holder.
Unscrew the holder off the wall.
Mastic/Ceramic toilet paper holderCut the grout around the holder.
Remove the posts around it.
Detach the holder from the wall.
Glued toilet paper holderWarm the area around the holder with a heat gun.
Slide in a knife between the holder and the wall.
Detach the holder from the wall.
Bracketed toilet paper holderRemove brackets to expose the screws.
Unscrew them off.
Detach the holder from the wall.

How to Remove Bracketed Toilet Paper Holder

A bracketed toilet paper holder is removed as follows:

  1. Twist and lift off the brackets to expose the screws.
  2. With a screwdriver, remove the screws and get hold of the holder.

Some may require an Allen key instead of a screwdriver. For such cases, find the right size of Allen key for the job.

Removing a Recessed Holder

Recessed toilet paper holders are removed as follows:

  1. Remove the holder rod to expose the screws.
  2. Secure the surrounding area with duct tape.
  3. Eliminate the grout surrounding the holder.
  4. Loosen and remove the visible screws on each side. This should free the holder.
  5. Lift and pull off the holder carefully to protect it and the surrounding tiles.

If you can’t safely carry out these steps, call for a plumber to avoid unnecessary damage to the wall.

How to Tighten a Loose Toilet Paper Holder

When done carelessly, the back and forth movement of the holder rod can lead to the loosening of the entire holder. In addition, children and the elderly in your home will at times support themselves with the holder when getting up, and this, too, when done consistently, can loosen some of the screws.

Having a loose toilet paper holder is a hazard in that it could entirely come off one day as a whole which may harm your loved ones.

Once some screws loosen, the others will soon follow suit due to being overwhelmed. Therefore, it’s noble to tighten it at the earliest opportunity to avoid losing the entire holder. Avoid buying a new holder while you can fix the loose screws and restore its functionality.

How to Tighten a Loose Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

For a recessed toilet paper holder, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the toilet paper rod and roll to expose the screws.
  2. Tighten the screws using the screwdriver or the right size Allen key by strongly turning it clockwise.
  3. Return the rod and hold it strongly to evaluate whether the screws are back in place.

Avoid tightening too much as you might damage the wall in the process. As long as you feel good solid resistance from the screwdriver or Allen key, leave it at that.

Tightening a Loose Ceramic Holder

A loose ceramic toilet paper holder is tightened as follows:

  1. Follow the procedure for removing a ceramic holder above.
  2. Get a new base pad and saturate it with the adhesive.
  3. On drywall, fix the holder back to its position.

You may need to apply some pressure on it for a few minutes to obtain a solid fix.

How to Tighten a Loose Toilet Paper Holder with Brackets

For a loose bracketed toilet paper holder, follow these steps to tighten it up:

  1. Twist and turn the brackets to remove them and expose the screws.
  2. Fasten the screws with a screwdriver.
  3. Return the brackets and entire holder to position.

The result should be a firm holder that doesn’t wiggle when in use.


There are many varieties of toilet paper holders available in the market today. And, it’s hard to tell how to remove them when the need arises or tighten them when they loosen up.

Since the holder is a small fixture in your toilet, it’s noble to train yourself on how to fix it. So get yourself a befitting screwdriver and duct tape, and you are ready to take off toilet paper holders. The rest can be improvised.

Positioning the toilet paper holder correctly is the first step in ensuring it’s not tampered with which may lead to loosening. Go for quality brands that match your taste to minimize the hassle of removing them often.

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