Shower Stall Liner Sizes – 5 Common Sizes

Understanding shower liner sizes is important when you’re looking for a shower liner for your home or apartment. While décor is the biggest factor for most people, your liner’s size, purpose, and functionality are also important. This article’s main purpose is to help you choose the most suitable option in line with your appearance and general style preferences.

The most common and standard shower liner sizes considered universal are three sizes due to their ability to fit into any conventional shower, but there are 2 more sizes. Shower stall liners such as the AmazerBath Plastic Shower Liners come in different sizes and colors to choose from.

Shower Stall Liner Sizes

What are shower stall curtain liners?

Shower stall curtain liners are curtain-like pieces of fabric hang inside the shower or tub to keep the water from splashing outside. 

The main purpose of a shower stall liner is to keep water contained within the shower zone or bathroom area and on your floor. Doing this protects you and your floor as a wet floor is a slip hazard and water pooling on your floor for hours damages it. It’s not cheap and easy to install tiles in the shower.

They are also used to protect your shower curtains by keeping them dry by preventing water splashes. This helps keep your curtain in good condition, especially if your curtain is for aesthetic purposes.

It also prevents mildew or mold from growing or slows them down as they are made of mold and bacteria-resistant material. The best part is you have a variety of materials and designs to choose from, such as vinyl, plastic, and fabric, that come in several prints and colors for you to choose from. 

Also, shower stall liners can double up as shower curtains saving you on costs.

Shower stall liner sizes

To the main question, how do you choose a shower stall liner size? Here’s a guideline helping you to understand all the basics about shower curtain sizes and tips to help you select the most suitable one.

There are a number of sizes for you to pick from when selecting a shower liner:

1. Standard shower liner

The first type is the standard shower liner size that runs about 70″ W by 72″ H, which is the most common and popular size. It is mostly used to protect the standard tub-length opening on a straight, and standard-height shower rod. 

The materials available include PEVA, microfiber, fabric, vinyl and plastic, and 100% polyester.

2. Shower stall curtain liner

The next type is the shower stall that runs 54″ W by 78″ H. This specially sized liner protects long showers, taller people, or skinnier shower entrances. 

They are available in PEVA fabric, vinyl, and plastic stall curtain liner materials.

3. Extra tall curtain liner

The third type is the extra tall curtain liner that runs about 70″ W by 84″ H. This is also a unique shower liner size that adds about a foot to the vertical length making it suitable for higher shower rod placements. 

They are available in Extra Tall PEVA, fabric, vinyl, and plastic shower liner materials.

4. Floor-to-ceiling shower stall

The floor-to-ceiling shower stall runs to about 72’W by 96″ H. This special liner adds 2 feet to the normal liner and is most suitable for people going for a fancy look. It is perfect for rods placed on the ceiling and comes in fabric, vinyl, and plastic materials. I have this type in my bathroom.

5. Extra wide shower liner

Finally, the extra wide shower liner runs to about 82″ W by 74″ H. This type of shower liner has an added extra foot of width to the standard liner. It is the most suitable and perfect solution for curved shower rods. It comes in fabric, vinyl, and plastic.

The size of the shower stall liner should correlate with the bathroom door size. For example, a large door means you considered large or tall users. The shower curtain liner should be large and tall, keeping the same consideration in mind.

Shower curtain liner buying guide

Apart from making sure you select the right size for your bathroom, here are a few considerations you want to keep in mind, especially when you shop for your shower stall liner:

1. Size

Like any other curtain, shower liners come in different sizes, and before deciding which one to buy, you should consider this. The size of your shower liner determines whether you’ll get full coverage or have to deal with splashes everywhere. 

An average shower liner runs to about 70″ by 72″ with the extra-long being either 70″ by 84″ or 72″ by 84″. We also have the extra-wide that can run up to 144″ by 72″. Lastly, there is 54″ by 78″. 

With the above sizes in mind, it is quite easy to determine which size of liner you should get.

2. Materials

While most people tend to be die-hard devotees of the classic vinyl liner, it is also important to note that there are other good-quality materials. Despite them looking cheaper, they stick to the side of the tub, reducing the chances of water pooling, and are quite easy to clean. Other liners made from certain fabrics are also mold-resistant and durable.

Before selecting your next shower liner, also pay keen attention since quality varies with the type of material chosen.

3. Attachment method

It may not take a lot to realize the method used to attach the liner is also a factor when selecting your shower stall liner. Having hems weighed with magnets is a good option compared to those without, but an even better option is having suction cups attached to the bottom. This helps the liner stay in place to avoid water pooling on the floor or the cringe feeling of a liner on your skin.

4. Grommets

Deciding whether to buy reinforced grommets along the head of your liner is a crucial factor as it directly affects the life span of your shower stall liner. A shower liner is destined to be tugged and pulled countless times during its use. Therefore, having them enforced ensures your liner won’t suddenly rip.

5. Bacteria and Mildew

When looking to purchase a shower liner, getting bacteria and mildew-resistant material is a primary factor. Your bathroom is moist with the right setting to hasten mold and bacteria growth, and having a resistant material would be a great advantage. 

Be sure to also frequently clean and ventilate the room to ensure you receive the best of your liner.

6. Aesthetics

Another factor to consider is the print or color of your shower stall liner. You do not always have to go with the white plain liner every time you make a new purchase due to the diversity in the material. There is also variety in liners. It allows you to explore more colors, patterns, and prints in your shower.

7. Multipurpose

If you are going for a multipurpose shower curtain that doubles up as a shower curtain, you should also consider that. Shower liners come in different shades and thicknesses, allowing you to use them as a double unless you’d like to give your neighbors a show.

One alternative to a shower curtain liner is the frameless glass shower door. You can use a framed one, but the frameless one looks better.

Final thoughts

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best and most suitable shower stall liner for your shower. Ultimately, it is always important to select a functional product and, at the same time, one that fits your budget. With the guidelines above, it gets easier getting yourself a shower curtain liner. 

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