Tall Toilet Sizes + Pros & Cons

Squatting up and down a toilet seat may become difficult for several reasons, such as age, bad knees, or an injury. A comfort height toilet is taller than a standard model made to make it easier. The goal is to mimic the standard dining room chair’s height.

Standard and comfort height toilets typically differ by 2 to 4 inches. Comfort toilet heights range from 17 to 19 inches, whereas a regular toilet typically has a height from the bottom to the top of the seat of 15 or 16 inches.

Toilet sizes compared

What are tall toilets?

A comfortable toilet is slightly taller than a traditional model to ease sitting down and standing up. In contrast to the regular toilet height, a tall toilet or a correct height toilet often has an added height of 1-3 inches. 

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a tall toilet or ADA toilet measures 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. This contrasts with the 15 to 16 inches of a conventional toilet. 

Tall toilet seats are ideal for those with problems sitting or getting into the squatting posture, although it’s not perfect for small children or people with limited mobility. While some come with support to hold on when using the toilet, others don’t. In the latter case, you can place it close to a good vanity for the vanity to act as support.

This ADA compliance height is the best toilet for tall persons, people with particular health conditions such as bad knees, and the elderly.

What are the different heights of toilets?

Most homeowners will eventually need to have their toilets replaced at least once, especially when the rusty toilet tank bolts loosen up. Before replacing your toilet, you must decide between comfort, chair, and standard-height toilets. Comfort-height toilets are about 2 inches higher than regular-height toilets.

Any toilets that stand between 17 and 19 inches tall from the floor to the top of the seat are at chair height. In contrast, the term “appropriate comfort height” for chair heights is brand-specific. Although each brand may have a different look or feel, they all have the same basic functions.

Toilets with comfort heights are 2 to 3 inches taller than those with normal heights. The primary differentiating factor is the measurement. Comfort heights range from 16 to 18 inches when the seats aren’t there and 17 to 19 inches when they are. They function like normal toilets and sometimes have the same issues, such as low toilet flush power.

What are the benefits of tall toilets?

A high-seat toilet is a terrific mobility addition to your bathroom because it reduces the chance of falling and increases the person’s sense of independence when caring for their hygiene. 

In light of this, the following are the advantages of employing a high toilet seat:

1. There is stability in high toilets

You can select a high toilet seat with or without grip bars. If you still need extra assistance with mobility, I recommend high toilet seats with added support.

You’ll be able to stand more easily, and your knees will be less stressed thanks to the extra height. More self-assurance when using the restroom should be the overall result.

2. They’re safe

High toilet seats improve safety by giving you a stable sitting surface, easing you’re getting up and reducing the likelihood of slips and falls.

Additional grab bars installed close to the toilet will make moving around the restroom safer and easier.

3. They offer comfort

Your joints won’t feel any additional pressure thanks to raised toilets. People who have arthritis frequently struggle to bend their joints. It is a difficult task that can be extremely painful for those affected. 

Thanks to the elevated toilet seat, you won’t squat as much when using the restroom.

4. It’s simple to fit high toilets

High toilet seats are readily available and are easy to install with little effort. Raised toilet seats typically contain adjustable mounting brackets that hold the seat firmly in position for maximum stability. It’s not only simple to install but also simple to clean!

5. Less strain on the joints

People with mobility-related disorders often worry about the impact on their joints. Excessive joint activity can result in substantial pain and discomfort in certain situations. 

By limiting how far their knees and hips must bend, patients with inflammatory joint conditions have less pain and discomfort when using tall toilets. 

6. A boost in self-confidence 

People prefer to use the restroom whenever possible because it is highly private. While still protecting their safety, a raised toilet seat enables them to preserve their freedom.

This boosts a patient’s confidence and promotes their welfare by lowering the possibility of slips or falls when using the restroom.

When to consider before buying a tall toilet 

While selecting a high toilet seat, a few factors must be considered, and they include the following:

1. Size

Raised toilet seats are available in many sizes and styles to match home designs. The toilet’s current height from the floor, the user’s weight, and the current toilet seat’s design should all be considered when determining the seat size.

2. Lid or no lid?

It’s reassuring to know that various options are available, from colors to whether or not to have a lid, especially if discretion is a priority. You can select a style that you can put between the current toilet lid and the lip of the bowl for a seamless addition to your bathroom.

3. Height

Several variables will determine the height you require for a raised toilet seat. The weight of the user, the height of the person using the high toilet seat, and the current distance between the floor and the regular toilet seat. To meet a wide range of needs, raised toilet seats come in various heights.

Tall toilet disadvantages

Comfort height toilets are not for everyone; here’s why:

1. Challenging for kids and adults 5’4″ tall or shorter to use  

Some specialists contend that the best way to emulate the “squat” our bodies desire is to adopt a lower posture. High seat heights may impede your legs’ blood flow if they don’t touch the ground. Comfort-height toilets might be challenging for kids, especially for young boys.

2. Costlier than regular toilets

A comfort height toilet costs more than a regular height toilet. In this instance, we’re presuming that both toilets come from the same manufacturer and have the same characteristics.

3. Cannot fit in a tight space

Comfort height toilets are taller than regular height toilets, though, which is something you’ll notice. This is not your choice if you need a toilet to fit in a small location, like under a shelf.


A high toilet seat or toilet can greatly improve your ability to use the restroom independently. It might significantly alter your daily routine. It’s a crucial function because it will ease any worries or concerns about using the restroom. Give yourself some tranquility with a tall toilet. 

After reading this article, you can now read reviews to learn more about the finest brands of tall toilets to buy and how well they suit your needs.

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