Can You Use a Bath Bomb in the Shower? + Other Ways

Bath bombs are becoming increasingly popular, making a good number of people consider them a perfect gift. These bathing agents have unique properties that give the best experience. At the same time, showers are more commonly used to replace bathtubs. Maybe you have no access to a bathtub and wonder whether you can use a bath bomb anywhere else. There are multiple ways you can use bath bombs without a bathtub.

Use bath bombs in the shower by placing them on the floor, tying them on the showerhead, for foot care, and as deodorizers. Also, you can use it as a linen spray, in cleaning sinks, for aromatherapy, in the toilet, on vacation, and as a gift. Store bath bombs in airtight containers or plastic bags.

Bath Bombs

How to Use a Bath Bomb in the Shower?

This is probably the easiest way to enjoy your favorite scented bath bomb without having a tub at home. Simply take your bath bomb into the shower with you and place it under the water stream while taking your shower.

The fizzing of the bomb will activate and release all its oils into the air giving you a fantastic scent to enjoy while taking your shower. You can also rub the leftovers on your skin for some additional moisture.

Here are 10+ ways you can use bath bombs without a bathtub:

1. Place the Bath Bomb on the Shower Floor

Just place the bath bomb on the shower floor and give it time to dissolve while you shower. Then, during the shower, you will notice the bath bomb fizzing in the shower, beautiful colors swirling around, and a great fragrance within the shower.

If your bath bomb contains multiple ornamental additions, such as confetti or glitter, consider placing it in a breathable bag like a mesh. This will prevent the additional ornaments from moving down the outlet and clogging the drainage.

2. Tie The Bath Bomb around the Shower Head

Simply put the bath bomb in a breathable bag such as woven polypropylene and use a cheesecloth to wrap it. Then, attach the bath bomb to the showerhead. 

Like dissolving it on the floor, you will experience its fizz and aroma as the humid surrounding in the shower will dissolve the bath bomb.

3. Give Care to Your Feet Using a Bath Bomb

You can easily use bath bombs to give your feet tender care. Simply use it as a washing agent for your feet by placing it in a basin or bucket filled with warm water to allow it to dissolve fully. 

Its components, such as cocoa oil, lavender, and rose, will nourish your feet, protecting them from getting dry.

4. Use It as a Deodorizer

You can use bath bombs to make a room smell great. Bath bombs are full of fragrant essential oils and pretty dried flowers. Those ingredients will give an aromatic fragrance to any room. Get a few bath bombs that appeal to you, break them into small pieces, and scatter them around the room you want to deodorize.

5. Use It as a Room or Linen Spray

Another great way to make your room smell amazing without a bath is to use your favorite bath bomb as the base for a homemade room spray. Simply boil water, add bits of the broken-up bath bomb to the water, and let simmer until the water absorbs all of the color and scent. Then, pour it into a spray bottle and use it as you would any other spray.

6. Put the Bath Bomb in Your Sink

You can also use the bath bomb to clean your sink. Put it in there and let it sit for a while to clean up all the dirt. This will also make your sink smell much better.

7. Use the Bath Bomb as Aromatherapy

This is the easiest way to use your bath bomb without a bathtub. Most bath bombs smell amazing, and just by cracking one open, you’ll be able to smell it. 

If you want to amp that smell up, put the bath bomb in a plastic bag (you want it to be sealed tight, so no water or moisture gets in) and break it into smaller pieces. This will make it easier for the scent to escape and fill up any room.

8. Use Bath Bombs in the Toilet

If you want a fresh smell for your toilet, bath bombs will offer one of the best experiences. This is much better than those toilet fresheners you get from the market. You simply need to place whole or halves on your toilet corners to allow them to release their attractive smell.

9. Use Bath Bombs as a Foot Soak

This is great if you have tired feet from wearing those uncomfortable heels all day. Cut your bath bomb in half and place one half into a bowl filled with warm water. 

Place your feet or hands for a hand soak in the water for 10-15 minutes. It will make your skin soft and smell amazing! Then, use the other half of your next bath.

10. Take Your Bath Bomb on Vacation

Bath bombs will offer the best relaxing bath during a vacation. The stress-free nature of your trip will make slow-paced activities like taking a long bath more appealing. 

If you’re staying in a hotel room that doesn’t have a tub, you can use it in th shower. You will have the experience of relaxing in a peaceful environment, but you’ll get the full effect of your bath bomb shower.

11. Use Bath Bombs as Gifts

If you’re a regular user of bath bombs, you’ve bought a few more than you’ve used. Bath bombs make great gifts, especially for those who love baths but can’t use them regularly. 

If your friend has moved into a new place or wants to get rid of the bath, they can still enjoy their bath bombs for different purposes.

How are Bath Bombs Normally Used?

Typically, you can use a bath bomb in a bathtub with the help of the following helpful steps:

1. Grab a Bath Bomb

There are different bath bombs in the market today, coming in various sizes, scents, colors, and shapes. Some are added with attractive items, such as glitter and flower petal. 

Others contain additional ingredients suitable for your skin, such as cocoa butter and almond oil. Choose a bath bomb that is most appealing to you; if you find a moist skin agent, go for one with additional butter and oils for the best results. 

The following are some essential components you should see in a bath bomb:

  • Necessary oils such as rose, chamomile, and lavender. These oils make the bomb have an attractive scent and make you feel more awake.
  • Skin nourishing and softening agents include shea butter, almond oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter. These offer the best moistening effect on your skin.
  • Aesthetic elements enhance your moods, such as flower petals and glitters that float on the water’s surface.
  • Herbs, powders, and salts help nourish, moisturize, and soften your skin.

Pick the one most appealing to you from its jar or ziplock bag.

2. Wrap the Bath Bomb with Fabric

Some bath bombs have flower petals that can remain in contact with the tub after the water drains out. You can easily maneuver this by putting your bomb in a small nylon stocking or cloth bag. 

This makes the detergents, oils, and fragrances penetrate the fabric into the water while securing the petals inside the nylon stock. After taking a bath, you can recycle the bag or empty it.

3. Consider Slicing the Bath Bomb into Halves

Bombs are pretty expensive bathing agents – you can quickly increase their life span by slicing them into two using a serrated knife. Later, you can use half for a shower and save the other. 

After using half of it, store the other one properly in a plastic wrap or air-tight container, keeping it dry. Ensure that the bath bomb is in a dry space; moisture will fizz it.

4. Put the Bath Bomb in the Water

If you plan for a comfortable bath, putting the bath bomb in the tub will offer an incredible experience. You need to:

  • Fill the tub with the proper depth of water at the right temperature.
  • Next, put the bath bomb in the water to dissolve it by fizzing. 
  • Enter into the tub undressed while the bomb has dissolved or is fizzing.
  • Sit in the tub for a relaxing experience.
  • Get out of the tub when the temperature is intolerable to prevent your skin from turning wrinkly and pruney.

The time you spend in the bathtub depends on the warmth of the water.

5. Rinse-Off in the Shower

It’s unnecessary to rinse off after using a bath bomb in the shower. However, if you use a glittered bomb or one with deep color, you can consider it an option. 

You just drain the bathtub, shower, and rinse butter and oils off your skin. You can also use a shower gel and a loofah if you wish.

6. Clean the Bathtub

Some bath bombs may contain color dyes that can stain your tub. It is advisable to clean off such dyes when still moist. You can use a cleaning brush or sponge to scrub the stains away. If you notice any glitters or flower petals in the tub, you can pick them up or allow fresh water to drain them down the outlet.

Try the Many Uses of Bath Bombs Today!

Bath bombs come with multiple benefits to our skin and relaxation. You can easily use them in bathtubs in a fresh mood when tired. Also, they offer incredible experiences in a shower. 

Although the list is long, bath bombs have various uses you can attempt today. Try the multiple benefits of bath bombs today for incredible outcomes.

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