The Average Cost to Install a Frameless Glass Shower Door

While installing a frameless glass shower door is among the best ways of giving your bathroom a cleaner, modern, trendy, and sleeker look, it might cost you some money.

The average cost of installing a frameless shower door is between $500 and $3,000. This figure varies depending on the size of the shower, the glass thickness, and the type of hardware and finishes you choose. Further, it depends on your contractor’s labor cost and the door size.

This post will discuss the average cost of installing a frameless glass shower door and other shower doors, alongside their benefits and drawbacks. Read on!

What is a Frameless Shower?

A frameless shower door is a sturdy pane of tempered glass that doesn’t require metal frames to function. It’s among the most trending shower remodels. These showers are confined with glass panels without other metal fixtures. 

Many homeowners prefer frameless glass shower doors to conventional framed doors since they appear cleaner, trendy, more modern, and sleeker without metal fixtures. These shower doors show off other existing bathroom fixtures such as stone, tiles, and accents.

Generally, frameless shower casings are made using high-tempered glass with a thick pane since they lack a framing to support the glass. Instead, glass shower doors are mounted using hinges and clips sealed and caulked with silicone at the edges to hold them firmly in position. In most cases, contractors prefer using safety glass to prevent the glass from shattering.

Average Cost to Install Frameless Glass Shower Door

The average cost of installing a frameless glass shower door is about $500 to $3000. This figure differs based on the size of the shower, the thickness of the glass, and your preferable hardware finishes. Additionally, it depends on the local labor rates and the size of the door:

1. Cost of a Frameless Shower Door

A translucent or frameless glass shower door goes for $500 to $3,300. These doors have support at the hinges, and lack conventional metal framing. They unlock by swinging or sliding. Their prices differ depending on the producer and the length and width of the high-end shower structure.

Generally, thicker glasses are costly and heavy to install. Large custom showers may cost within $3,000 or more. On the other hand, smaller showers cost less than their counterparts. Always consider choosing a standard sized-door within your budget range during your purchase.

2. Frameless Glass Shower Door Labor Cost

The frameless glass shower door installation labor cost may lie within $1,000. Typically, the neo-angle styles and curved doors are the most costly styles. Most contractors charge a labor hour rate of $70 for installing a frameless glass shower door. 

If you consider installing a frameless shower door by yourself, you can save on the installation of the door by about $300. But considering you are also paying for the door itself, it would be best if you hired a professional contractor to mount these heavy and costly doors.

3. Frameless Glass Shower Door Replacement Cost

You can plan to pay between $500 to $1,400 to install a framed or sliding shower door. This cost entails the cost involved in uninstalling the old door and discarding it until the contractor installs a new one. The sliding door repair cost is generally less than $1,000 to replace with framed models.

Cost of Other Glass Shower Doors

The following are the costs involved with installing other types of doors:

1. Custom Glass Shower Doors

It costs about $3,000 or more to install a high-end shower door. The shower enclosure’s actual price relies on the glass’s size and nature. Custom doors are available as neo-angled and curved designs. 

Additionally, doors with stainless steel appliances and personalized doors. Doors with a width above 60″ are termed as custom designs.

2. Semi-framed Shower Doors

This type of door is a suitable option for less costly framed designs and more expensive frameless ones. It comes with a thicker glass that gives it an appealing look that gives it a better appearance than framed shower doors. Installing a semi-frameless shower door will cost you $225 to $2,000.

3. Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors are the most popular types of door you can affordably buy and install. It will cost you about $190 to $500 to install this type of door.

There are other shower doors, including sliding shower doors for bathtubs, neo-angled shower doors, and frosted glass doors for small spaces with corner showers. All these doors cost an average cost of $500 to install.

What are the Benefits of Frameless Shower Doors?

Here are the top benefits you will enjoy after installing a frameless glass shower door:

1. Open Design and More Light

In most cases, the light in home bathrooms is highly insufficient. Your bathroom may lack a window or a fixture within the center of the ceiling or above the sink to allow light in. A bathroom with poor lighting can make it difficult for you to get up in the morning and stay awake over the night.

Fortunately, you can control poor lighting with a frameless glass shower enclosure. The light easily penetrates through glass doors with fewer obstructions, giving you an attractive, brighter, and more bathroom feel.

2. Increased Functionality

Framed doors limit the functionality of your bathroom by taking up more space. A frameless glass door opens inwards and outwards. Thus, this allows you to create space for your pets as you only need to open the door in your direction.

3. More Space

Framed shower doors and curtains can make a small space appear even smaller. They block your line of sight and lower the size of your bathroom by a third. On the other hand, frameless shower glass doors make your bathroom seem much more spacious.

If your bathroom is small, you can greatly benefit by installing frameless shower doors.

4. Less Mold and Corrosion

Framed glass shower doors are installed with seals which help them to protect water entry. Moisture can easily penetrate through these seals and lead to mold growth. However, frameless glass doors are a suitable alternative for these doors as they lack seals. 

Due to the lack of a metal frame and less hardware, there is a lower risk of corrosion – these doors can last for years.

The Downsides of Having Frameless Shower Doors

The disadvantages of having frameless shower does include:

1. Costly

Frameless glass shower doors are made from thicker and heavier glass than standard shower doors. Glass panels are mounted in position without requiring a supporting frame. Also, they require studier and stronger hardware. Thus, frameless glass shower doors are quite expensive compared to traditional ones.

2. Frameless Shower Doors Can Shatter

Although less often, frameless shower doors have a record of shattering. This mainly occurs due to improper installation, damaged glass, defects in the glass, and abnormal shifts in humidity and temperature. 

To control this problem, it would be best to inspect the glass periodically and never slam these doors when coming out of the shower.


Frameless glass shower doors are a perfect way to increase the functionality of your bathroom while increasing its curb appeal. Installing these unique doors will cost about $500 to $3,000. Compared to other types of shower doors, this price is quite high. 

However, the high cost of installing a frameless glass shower door is worth its value. You can consider installing a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom to increase its functionality.

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