Can I Use Makeup Wipes as Toilet Paper?

It can be quite a dilemma. After using the restroom, you find you’re out of toilet paper only after getting up from the seat. What’s the next best option?

Although makeup wipes can serve as toilet paper, watch out for irritations. The preservative methylisothiazolinone, meant to prevent bacterial growth while items are on store shelves, has been recognized by some experts as having the potential to induce allergic responses in some wipes.

As such, you can occasionally use makeup wipes as toilet paper, although frequent use exposes you to irritations caused by preservatives in the wipes. With the alternatives I discuss below, you will also be saving the environment by reducing the cutting down of trees to make toilet paper.

Flushing make up wipes

What else can you use instead of toilet paper?

Below are some alternatives you can use in place of tissue paper:

1. Bidet

After using the bathroom, you can rinse off with a bidet, a tiny basin, or a container with water. Some bidets are freestanding bathroom fixtures, while others are attached to the toilet. Most toilet accessories, like bidets, are frequently less expensive and simpler to install.

Consider leaving a couple of towels next to the toilet so users can dry off after using the bidet.

2. Bottle of water

You can choose a water bottle instead of a bidet if acquiring it’s more convenient. Fill a few empty water bottles with water to get started. To make a stream of water, make a tiny hole in the water bottle cap. 

After using the restroom, you can clean up using these water bottles. Properly dispose of used plastic water bottles for recycling and hygienic purposes.

3. A washable toilet tissue

You can substitute reusable cloth or “family cloths” for toilet paper. They can wipe just as well as toilet paper and are thicker. A family cloth can be made from various materials, including rags, old clothing, T-shirts, towels, blankets, and washcloths. 

The best part is that using reusable toilet paper reduces waste because you can wash and reuse it.

4. Baby wipes

If you have sensitive skin, baby wipes are an excellent alternative to toilet paper. They are gentle on the skin and are soft.

A little water or alcohol may be present in some wet wipes. Others include cleaning agents. The composition of your wipes should be noted to prevent using those that include disinfectants or may irritate you. 

Although often more expensive than tissue paper, wipes have the same effectiveness.

5. Cloth diapers

A cloth diaper might be helpful if insufficient toilet paper is unavailable. Unlike disposable diapers, you can easily wash, sterilize, and dry them after each use.

6. Cotton balls

If you have abundant cotton balls sitting around, you can use them instead of toilet paper. Soft and very absorbent cotton balls are available. You can be certain of getting a clean wipe with the proper quantity.

7. Mullein leaves

Mullein leaves are often described as nature’s tissue. They are highly water-absorbent, fluffy, and fuzzy. These leaves are virtually everywhere on the planet. They flourish throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and Africa. 

Nonetheless, it would help if you were cautious when selecting the leaves. Wiping your butt with poison ivy is the last thing you want to do. I’ve tried Mullein leaves; they’re the closest natural thing to toilet paper, especially when fresh.

8. Banana leaves

Banana leaves are one of the best alternatives to tissue paper if you want something organic. They are large enough for your use, smooth, and flexible. To use these to clean up after using the restroom, tear out the appropriate size. They’re quite slippery, though.

9. Moss

Mosses are non-flowering tiny plants that grow on rocks and in moist areas between trees. They are an excellent natural substitute for tissue paper since they are delicate. 

Mosses, however, are a haven for insects that enjoy wetness. Before using the mosses as a wipe, you should thoroughly inspect them.

10. Maple leaves 

It makes an excellent natural substitute for tissue paper because of its broad, thick leaves.

11. Cobs of corn

The maize cob’s outer coverings are called corn husks. To prevent scratching, gather them while they are still green. Although we typically discard them, these delicate green leaves make a great substitute for tissue paper.

12. Cardboard tubes 

Typically, toilet paper rolls come in cardboard tube packaging. You can briefly soak the cardboard tubes in water before using them to make them a little softer and comfier. You can substitute toilet paper with a used cardboard tube if you have one.

13. Newspapers

You may be surprised to learn that during the Great Depression, people substituted the Sears catalog for toilet paper. This paper was gathered and used to clean up after restroom visits. 

You can collect old newspapers and phone book pages and use them. They might feel softer if you give them a little soak in water or ruffle them up.

14. Filters for coffee

If you have a few coffee filters, you can substitute them for toilet paper. You can store them in big numbers, which are inexpensive to purchase.

15. TP tissues 

Several environmentally friendly toilet paper manufacturers now wrap their toilet paper rolls with tissue paper instead of the standard plastic wrap. When your TP runs out, you can keep these papers and use them as a backup.

16. Sanitary pads

Women often use hygienic pads when they are menstruating. Yet, its thick and absorbent substance can be a terrific alternative to using tissue paper. 

To prevent clogs, refrain from flushing sanitary napkins down the toilet. Just place discarded sanitary pads in a garbage bag for disposal.

17. Sponge

Sponges are an excellent substitute for tissue because they are soft and absorbent. It would help if you refrained from lending somebody a sponge, though. After each usage, carefully wash and sanitize them.


The good news is that several tissue paper substitutes are available today if you’re looking for ways to stop flushing tons of trees down the toilet.

Our ancestors employed a variety of non-paper alternatives for wiping before tissue paper for our ablutions became commonplace. The health and environmental risks of tissue paper and a list of some of the best toilet paper alternatives available right now have also been considered.

Get inventive and use one of these tissue paper substitutes. Always remember to dispose of them properly.

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