Bathroom Mirror Placement: Steps, Benefits & Considerations

To complete your bathroom design, you need to place a bathroom mirror perfectly. Having a mirror in your bathroom will help create balance and visual effects besides making your bathroom look more spacious. Mirrors play a vital function in day-to-day grooming activities such as applying makeup, shaving, and hairstyling.

Place the mirror 1-5 inches higher than the eye level of the tallest person. It should also be 5-10 inches above your sink. The mirror should also be 4-7 feet above the bathroom floor. Ensure the mirror is a few inches higher than the faucet and correctly placed between the sink and vanity lighting.

If you want to remodel your bathroom, you can opt for mirror placement or update, which is quick and affordable. To help you achieve a stunning bathroom, we have created this article guide for you. You will learn how and where to place mirrors to achieve a beautiful and cozy bathroom. 

Bathroom Mirror Placement

Do I Need a Mirror in the Bathroom?

You need a mirror in the bathroom due to its many benefits, including the following:

  • It adds more light by reflecting the natural light from windows and artificial light from bulbs.
    Further, it creates an illusion that makes the bathroom look more spacious.
  • Bathroom mirrors also enhance your bathroom’s value, functions, and appeal by turning it into a multifunctional room where you can bathe, groom, and admire yourself. 

There are numerous types of mirrors that you can fit in your bathroom. These include frameless, LED, and anti-fog mirrors. However, they all have their downsides. For instance, frameless mirrors have vulnerable edges that can chip easily. 

On the other hand, LED mirrors are expensive to buy and may require professionals to install, raising costs. Generally, mirrors are prone to breakage and, if mishandled, can cause severe injuries. After installing a bathroom mirror and if you used caulk, wait till the caulk dries up before using the bathroom.

Bathroom Mirror Placement

Before placing a mirror in your bathroom, you must consider some essential factors. You should also know how high you should position the mirror, the width and shape of bathroom mirrors, and where to place the mirrors. 

Consider the following when placing a mirror in the bathroom:

1. Where to Place Bathroom Mirror 

Typically, many people place mirrors above the vanity. However, you can be creative and place it elsewhere, especially if your bathroom is unusual or you want to achieve a unique design. 

You can choose from various options, like having your mirrors hang from above to create a “floating mirror design.” 

You can also place an ultra-wide mirror to cover the entire bathroom wall to create a stunning look and reflect more light. Alternatively, you can go for a full-length mirror. 

2. Should I have one or two mirrors?

The choice of having one or multiple mirrors in your bathroom will depend on the size of the bathroom and what you want to achieve. If your bathroom is spacious and has a wide or double vanity, you can place one large mirror or multiple mirrors. 

You should also go for two mirrors to achieve a vertical appearance, especially if your bathroom has tall walls and you need highlighted vertical space. The mirrors should be vertically long for a better sheer look.

However, if you want to achieve an illusion of spaciousness because your bathroom is not large, you should go for one wide mirror. 
The cost of two small mirrors may be more than that of one large mirror. The cost of bathroom items is sometimes hard to predict whether a toilet install or a new showerhead.

3. How High to Hang a Bathroom Mirror?

There are no specific measurements of how high you should place bathroom mirrors. To determine how high the bathroom mirror should be, consider the following factors: 

  • The shape of your bathroom mirror 
  • Size of the mirror 
  • Height of the bathroom vanity 
  • Ceiling height 
  • Height of lighting source
  • The height of the mirror users. 

Once you factor in the above considerations, follow these guidelines:

  • The mirror should be accessible to all users. Hang it a foot below and above the eye line of the users. The mirror should be 1-5 inches higher than the tallest person’s eye level. 
  • You should place the mirror between 5 to 10 inches above your sink. 
  • The mirror should be above the bathroom floor by 4 to 7 feet. 
  • Strategically position the mirror between the sink and vanity lighting. 
  • Place it a few inches higher from the faucet. 

These aspects ensure that the mirror accommodates everyone in the household. 

4. Best Shape for Bathroom Mirror 

Bathroom mirrors are designed in different shapes ranging from circular, rectangular, square, geometric, and irregular shapes. The best mirror shape for you will depend on the aesthetic, ambiance, and bathroom wall finishes. 

Here is what you can achieve with various bathroom mirror shapes: 

  • Circular mirrors: These create softness and leave most parts of your wall visible. It is ideal if you have beautiful wallpaper or tiles that you want to display. 
  • Rectangular/square mirrors are classy, functional, and ideal for a modern-looking bathroom. 
  • Irregularly-shaped mirrors usually have decorative features with an attractive visual appearance. 

Pedestal sinks have similar curves to those of circular or round mirrors. Therefore, you may want to go for round mirrors if you have pedestal sinks since they blend. 
If you choose to go with regularly shaped mirrors, they could match well with glass in the rest of the bathroom. For example, if the cost of frameless shower doors is within reach, consider them.

5. Best Width for Bathroom Mirrors

For the best results, you should ensure that the mirror’s width matches the width of the vanity. If you fail to balance the vanity and mirror width, you will have an odd-looking and off-balance design. 

You can follow the following guidelines when choosing the best width for a bathroom mirror:

  • Let the mirror have the exact width dimensions of the vanity. With this approach, you will create symmetry and balance.
  • To prevent the mirror from appearing shrunken, let the mirror be 70-80% of the width of your vanity.
  • If you want to leave adequate space for sconces to prevent them from hanging beyond the bathroom mirror edges, install a mirror that is about 60-70% as wide as your vanity. 

The best width for your bathroom mirror would be to customize your mirror to fit the dimensions of your bathroom. You can measure the dimensions of your bathroom and then customize the mirror to fit the area you want.  

6. Should Bathroom Mirrors be Framed or Frameless?

You can opt for a framed or frameless mirror, depending on your likes. Frameless mirrors are usually stylish and can match any aesthetic. On the other hand, framed mirrors are decorative with a polished touch. 

If you decide to install a framed mirror, consider the finish you want, such as matte black, brushed chrome, brass, or brushed nickel. The mirror’s finish should align with the wall’s finish and décors such as wallpaper, hardware, tiles, and lights.

How High Should a Light Be Above a Bathroom Mirror?

Though natural light is ideal in a bathroom, you still need artificial lighting to sparkle your bathroom. But how high should you place the mirror? Lighting above the bathroom mirror should be 75 to 80 inches high from the bathroom floor. 

If you have a rectangular/square mirror 5 inches above your vanity top, you will install a fixture with bulbs 150 watts or less. The fixture will create enough light that resembles natural light and helps the mirror highlight your face. Place a fixture with one or two globes 2 inches above the mirror for round or circular mirrors. 

How to Place Electrical Outlets on a Bathroom Vanity

According to the National Electrical Code, an outlet must be placed no more than 36 inches from the sink’s outside edge. More so, you must place the outlet on the wall next to the sink. To install the electrical outlets: 

  1. Select where you want to place the outlet: It should be within 3 feet of the sink. Next, locate the nearest studs. 
  2. Cut or drill a hole to fit the electrical box if your wall is finished. If your wall isn’t finished, screw or nail the electrical box. 
  3. Ensure that the electricity is off to avoid shock. Connect an electric cable from the circuit panel or your bathroom receptacle. 
  4. Connect the wires to the line terminal pair of the outlet. Ensure everything is working before capping the box and turning on the electricity. 

Make sure there is no risk of electrical shock by covering all the exposed wires and metal parts. 

Mirror in the Bathroom

Having a mirror or two in your bathroom can create a vast difference in the final appearance of your bathroom. To increase the functionality and improve the aesthetics of your bathroom, consider placing a mirror there. 
Even with mirrors playing such an important role, many people often overlook them. However, a perfectly positioned mirror with the right size can make a massive difference in the appearance of your bathroom. It illuminates the room, creates a reflection, and fills the space on the wall. 

You have numerous options, from frameless to LED mirrors. Install a mirror and give your bathroom the stylish design you’ve been yearning for. 

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