How to Remove a Towel Bar with No Screws

A towel bar comes in handy in hanging your towels, whether dry or wet. How many bars you have in your bathroom is dependent on the space available and the number of bathroom users. These shiny metal bars come in different forms and styles. How you have them fixed to the wall also differs.

To remove a towel bar with no screws, identify the tabs, squeeze them with a prying tool like a screwdriver, remove the first post and the bar, then remove the other post. In some cases, you can twist the end post, remove the bar then remove the end posts. It depends on the attachment method used.

There are bars with clearly visible screw sets on each post. These are easy to fix and remove. Others don’t have screws, or they aren’t visible. Read on to learn how to take off the towel bars with no screws.

How to Remove a Towel Bar with No Screws

Why You May Need to Remove the Towel Bar

There are varied reasons you may need to get rid of your towel bar. They include:

  • The metals bars have become loose after being used for a long time.
  • You need to renovate your bathroom.
  • You have changed your interior decor, and you wish to have matching towel bars.
  • You want to change the existing design of your towel bars.
  • You have noticed the bar’s exterior is worn out, exposing the inner part, which is rusting and staining your towels.
  • Now that you have more users for your bathroom, you need stronger options.
  • You intend to change the positioning of the bars to a more convenient location in the bathroom.
  • You want to change the types of towel you use.

Any one or more of these reasons may force you into removing your towel bar.

How to remove a towel bar with no screws

Some towel bars come without screws. This can be frustrating when removing them, especially if you found them fitted when taking over the property. Follow these steps to get rid of the bar:

1. Identify the Release Tabs

In the absence of screws, you need to find out what’s holding the towel bar in place. Tilt the edge post a bit to allow you to check underneath what connects it to the wall.  Chances are they are held in place by brackets and metal tabs.

If that’s the case, get your flathead screwdrivers ready or any tool with a flat head that can get through the narrow space between the towel bar post and your wall.

2. Squeeze the Tabs

Gently press the tabs with your tool to release the tabs. Apply just enough energy to get the metal tab to loosen up without breaking it. As you press inward, you will notice the post loosening up.

Repeat the process from different angles until you feel the end post loosen.

3. Remove the Post and Bar

Once the edge is loose enough, tilt it to remove the bar and the post. Using your screwdriver, you can now remove the visible bracket that had held the tabs in place.

4. Remove the Second Post

With the bar and one post removed, it becomes easy to get rid of the second one. Gently tilt it with your hand to loosen it.

If your hand fails, use the flat head screwdriver and gently press it inward to release the tabs as you did on the first post.

Unfasten the brackets underneath the second post, and you are done. If the tile is damaged in the process, you may need to replace it with a new. You can even utilize the many benefits of grout pens to give it the look you want.

How to Remove a Metal Towel Bar Without a Set Screw

No visible set screws on your towel bar? Don’t be alarmed. Not all towel bars are held to the wall by set screws. If yours is among them and you wish to remove it, follow these steps:

1. Twist the End Post

The posts on each end holding the bar in place are attached to the wall either by brackets underneath or suction cups. Tilt the end post until it loosens up.

Note that you should twist the part of the post where the bar rests. The bar should be flexible once you have turned it in an anticlockwise direction.

2. Take Out the Bar

Once the post on one end is loose enough, you should remove the bar. This leaves you with the two receiver ends and the posts attached to the wall on both ends.

3. Remove Posts

Eliminate all parts on both ends. This includes the receiver ends and the bulbs holding them in place. 

At this point, you should be able to access and tell what has held the parts to the wall. For example, it could be glue, paint, or mount brackets. This will guide you on the right tools to assemble for the task.

For instance, a wall mount will require you to have a flat head screwdriver or a flat pry bar that can get in between the wall and the mounts without damaging the wall.

How to Remove a Metal Towel Bar with a Set Screw

This should be easy as the set screws are visible from the outside. However, to take the least time in removing the bar, identify the set screws’ size to get the right tools.

Then follow these steps:

1. Loosen the Set Screws

Armed with your screwdriver, loosen the screws by gently tilting them in an anticlockwise direction.

2. Release the End Posts and Bar

Once the screws are loose on each end, the posts should come off quickly, including the bar.

3. Remove all Parts on Each End

Underneath the cups on each end post, you’ll find clips or brackets that hold the end posts to the wall. With your screwdriver, loosen these parts, and you are good to go.

How to Remove a Towel Bar With Fixed Ceramic Ends

It’s about time to get rid of that towel bar with the beautifully finished ceramic ends. The steps are as follows:

1. Find Out the Adhesives Holding the Towel Bar to the Wall

You need to identify the type of glue or adhesive holding the bar in place. This is imperative as it’s the first step in knowing the right tools to assemble for the task.

Check out how thick is the ring of adhesive. Is it wide enough for you to consider feeding first? If it’s more than a quarter-inch, then get your energy levels up.

2. Gather the Right Tools

With ceramic ends, there will be a lot of cutting involved, so you will need to have:

  • Blades
  • Sandpaper
  • Flathead screwdriver

3. Cut Out the Adhesive

Using blades, cut out the adhesive on all edges of the end post that joins it to the wall. This should release the towel bar on one side. Repeat on the second post to release the entire towel bar. 

In case the bar doesn’t come out after cutting out the adhesive on both ends, it means there is an extension of the end posts to the wall. Push and pull gently with your hands till it’s released.

How to Remove a Towel Bar Without Visible Screws

If your towel bar has no visible screws, chances are on the end posts where it’s cup-shaped, it’s secured on the inside.

To remove it, follow these steps:

1. Tilt the End Post

The first step is to find the hidden screws. To do this, twist the end post on one side to release the bar and expose the recessed screws.

2. Loosen the Screws

Using your screwdriver, unfasten the now visible screws. If you find brackets or clips on the inside, use the flat end screw to loosen them after removing the screws.

Repeat the process on the second post, and you are done.

How to Cover the Holes Left Behind by a Towel Bar

Holes left behind by towel bars are small, but they are an eyesore. So, how do you cover them?

Here are several options:

1. Use Wall Joint Compound

Screw holes created by the towel bar are tiny. Fill them up with a joint compound, then use a putty knife to spread it across the open area.

Let the area dry up, then sand it. Do it gently not to interfere with the coloring of the wall. Finally, apply paint similar to the wall for uniformity.

2. Sand Paper

If an adhesive was used to hold the towel bar in place, use sandpaper to smoothen the area affected.

Paint it to match the rest of the wall.

3. Fiber Glass

For large holes above ½ inch in size, fiberglass mesh with adhesive seals the area.

Cut the mesh to size, fix it, and sand lightly. Let the patch last overnight before interfering with coats of paint.

Having a towel bar inside the shower has many advantages which can be utilized if the bars are properly installed. From the procedures above, you can fully replace a towel bar and even change its position in the shower to attain the look you want.

How High Should a Towel Bar Be?

A towel bar should be at least 15 inches from the floor and not more than 48 inches from the floor of your bathroom. This allows for children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, and tall members of the family to reach and use the towel bars. You can also set it at 36 inches from the ground to cater for everyone in the family.

Take Away

At some point, you will need to remove your towel bar for varied reasons. Do it gently and cautiously to avoid damaging an entire wall that will cost you more in repairs. Check to see what has held it in place to get it right. This will help you evaluate and plan the time and tools needed for the exercise. These methods can be used to remove both towel bars and towel racks from the wall.

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