Shower Facts & Figures

Taking a hot, steamy shower is a terrific time to reflect on various events, including relationships, family, jobs, and long-forgotten duties. You hardly ever think about taking a shower, though.

Showering can be a quick and easy task or an indulgent spa experience. The majority of us rely on showering to feel our cleanest and freshest. However, many of us are unaware of interesting showering facts. They’re quite fascinating!

Boy taking a shower

What is a shower?

In a shower, one can bathe while being sprayed with water that is normally warm or hot. There is a drain on the floor for the dirty water. Most showers have an adjustable showerhead nozzle, temperature, and spray pressure. 

While more elaborate showers feature a shower head attached to a hose with a mounting bracket, simpler showers have a swiveling nozzle pointing down at the user. 

This enables you to spray water over various body parts while holding the showerhead in your hand. A plastic shower curtain or door can be used to install a shower in a smaller shower stall or bathtub. Due to the efficiency of utilizing a shower vs. a bathtub, it is widely used for cleanliness.

Types of showers

A shower is merely a shower in the eyes of many. But in reality, there are a few different kinds. 

1. Electric shower

These showers are safely connected to the main’s electric supply and only use cold mains water as their water source. When water enters the shower, it swiftly heats up as it passes through the internal heater tank or heating element, delivering instant hot water, similar to a conventional kitchen kettle.

These showers are sometimes referred to as instantaneous electric showers due to this aspect.

2. Pumped electric showers

These showers are made for installations where the mains water supply has low or inconsistent pressure. Powered by cold water tanks rather than the main supply entering the house, pumped electric showers operate on the same principles as normal electric showers. 

They also have a tiny pump that increases the supply to improve showering in low-flow regions.

3. Hybrid showers

One of the most common shower designs, mixers combine hot and cold water from several sources to deliver water at the desired temperature. Depending on the user’s preferences, a thermostatic or manual cartridge controls the shower temperature.

4. Digital showers

An alternative to the common mixer shower, digital showers work on the same mixer principle. Still, the main shower portion is typically put somewhere else than the showering area, like a loft. 

The shower body is then remotely controlled, including the temperature and flow rate, from inside the showering enclosure using a waterproof digital controller or outside the area, if desired and supported.

5. Power showers

A power shower is another variant of the common mixer shower, even though their housings may make them appear like electric showers. Gravity-fed water systems draw hot and cold water from storage tanks used in power showers.

Like typical mixer showers, the valve combines hot and cold water to obtain the appropriate water temperature. Still, the integrated pump increases the water flow to create a more potent and energizing shower.

The history of showers

William Feetham, a stove maker from London’s Ludgate Hill, received a patent for the first mechanical shower in 1767 that used a hand pump. His shower device required the user to pull a chain to discharge the water from a vessel over its head after a pump had forced water into it. 

Although the system eliminated the servant labor of filling and emptying buckets of water, the rich did not take to the showers because there was no way to pipe hot water. Also, each cycle of the system would recycle the same unclean water. 

The initial prototype was further enhanced over the ensuing decades until its mode of operation came to resemble that of the shower we use today.

Amazing facts about showers

Here are some entertaining and fascinating shower-related facts you probably didn’t know.

1. World’s Most Expensive Shower

The most expensive shower in the world, which Silver Tag manufactures, costs approximately $99,986. There are 18 high-tech showerheads in the ultra-luxurious shower that are specially made to regulate the water temperature for different body sections constantly.

2. World’s longest shower

Kevin “Catfish” McCarthy now holds the world’s longest shower record. He finished the feat on April 12, 1985, at Buffalo State College in New York, after showering for 340 hours and 40 minutes.

3. Crowded Bathroom

Most people like to take private showers. Yet, 145 individuals were in a shower at once at the Pert Plus “Showerathon,” which occurred in 2009. The world’s largest shower head, 40 feet wide and 10 feet tall, was displayed at the same event.

4. Showers vs. Baths

A regular 5-minute shower uses about 18 to 30 gallons of water, whereas a bath uses roughly 44 gallons. Yet, a 10-minute shower consumes about 47 gallons of water.

Most people only take a shower once a day. In the US, 73 percent of respondents claim they occasionally or always take a shower with their spouse or significant other.

5. Bathroom habits

Where do you go to get dry? Most respondents to this question say that they prefer to dry off while standing outside of their shower. Nevertheless, 7% of Americans claim they never wash or even take a bath! And roughly 48% of those surveyed expressed the wish that their shower was larger than it is.


Showering can help you save time and money, which is why it is becoming more and more popular. You can compare your showering experience to other Americans now that you know these interesting facts about showering.

Consider getting a new shower head with interesting and helpful functions if you want more from each shower. For instance, some contemporary shower heads provide a real spa experience by offering a variety of settings, from moderate “rainfall” to a massage spray. 

Picking an ideal location can also improve your well-being and modify your mood. Also, having a more attractive and useful bathroom may enable you to take luxurious and enjoyable showers.

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