How to Use Bath Bombs Without a Bathtub – 10+ Ways

You’re probably wondering, “How do I use my bath bombs yet I don’t have a bathtub?” Well, the lack of a bathtub does not render bath bombs useless. Due to limited space, most houses in urban areas are replacing bathtubs with walk-in showers. So, if you are in urban areas or a student with no bathtubs in your bathrooms, how do you use bath bombs? 

Bath bombs can be used without a bathtub in several ways including as part of bathwater, on the shower floor, wrapping them around showerheads, soaking feet in their solutions, placing them in drawers, for aromatherapy, and as deodorizers, room fresheners, body scrubs, and gifts.

Bath Bomb in Spray Bottle and Basin

Can you Use Bath Bombs Without a Bathtub? 

There are numerous ways you can enjoy your bath bombs, whether you have a bathtub or not. To start with, you can use them as deodorizers or room fresheners by hanging them on showerheads. More so, you can use them as scrubbers or for a luxurious footbath. 

You can use bath bombs in the shower and in other ways as follows:

1. Dissolving Bath Bombs

To enjoy the fresh and luxurious feeling of your bath bombs, dissolve them in a basin or bucket of warm water (you can also use cold water, but warm is better). Next, scoop the foam-filled water and splash it on your body. Like in a bathtub, you will enjoy all the benefits of bath bombs using this method. 

2. Placing Bath Bombs on the Shower Floor

Cut the bath bombs into two halves and place one half on the shower floor. While you are showering, let the bath bombs dissolve to feel the fragrance. You will hear the fizzing of the bath bombs and enjoy yourself as you see the beautiful colors of the bath bombs swirl around the shower drain. 

However, you should take precautions to prevent bath bombs from damaging your drain. Bath bombs with lots of embellishments like confetti and glitter can dissolve, go down the drain, and clog it. To prevent this, place the bath bombs inside a breathable bag before placing them on the shower floor. 

3. Wrapping it Around the Shower Head

Experience a relaxing bath by wrapping your bath bomb using a cheesecloth or putting it inside a breathable bag like an organza favor bag. Once you’ve covered it well, tie it on the showerhead. As the bath bomb dissolves, you will enjoy its aroma and fizzing, just like in a bathtub.

4. Foot Soaking

You can still enjoy the benefits of bath bombs while using them on your feet alone. After a long day, why not soak your feet using your bath bombs? To do this, you need a bucket or basin full of warm water and a bath bomb. Cut the bomb into two halves and dissolve one inside the warm water. Soak your feet in the bucket or basin for 15 to 20 minutes.

Before you finish this relaxing foot soak, you can use the other half to scrub your toes and feet. Once done, dry your feet to prevent the oily bath bombs from making your feet slippery and increasing the probability of tripping or falling.

5. Using Bath Bombs in Drawers

Who said bath bombs could only be used in the bathrooms? You can use your bathtubs in your drawer to enjoy the fragrance any time you open the drawer. Place a bath bomb inside a breathable bag like an organza bag and tie up one of the ends. Once done, put the bag inside your drawer and let the aroma fill the drawer and make your clothes smell fresh.

6. Aromatherapy

Most of the available bath bombs have essential oils that create a sweet aroma. Put warm water into a glass and dissolve the bath bomb inside to enjoy the aroma. If the bath bomb is giant, you can cut it into two or more pieces and enjoy numerous aromatherapy sessions. Thankfully, you can enjoy the aroma of the bath bomb for the whole day since you don’t have to shower after using a bath bomb with essential oils.

7. Using Bath Bombs as Deodorizers

Besides having added fragrance, most bath bombs are made using baking soda, which absorbs the odor in a room. The baking soda and added fragrance make bath bombs ideal for deodorizers since they absorb foul odor and release a sweet fragrance into the room.

There are so many ways you can use bath bombs to eliminate foul odor and promote a sweet smell around your home. For example: 

  • If you have smelly shoes, you can place a piece of a bath bomb inside the shoes to get rid of the smell.
  • Putting them in closets gives your clothes a pleasant fragrance.
  • Place bath bombs in your car to freshen it up.

Besides the above examples, you can think of other creative ways to make your house smell nice using bath bombs.

8. Using Bath Bombs as Decorative Room Fresheners

Bath bombs have embellishments such as confetti, floral petals, beautiful colors, and glitter, which you can use to decorate your rooms. You can crush the bath bombs, put them inside decorative containers, and place them in various rooms such as sitting rooms and bedrooms. While crushed, they will last longer than they would have in a bathtub.

However, it is essential to note that bath bombs are mostly made from Epsom salts, baking soda, and other powdered ingredients. Therefore, when crushing them, they release a lot of dust. To prevent the dust, you can crush them in an airtight bag. 

9. DIY Air Freshener Using a Bath Bomb 

You can utilize bath bombs by making an air freshener out of them. To do this, cut your bath bomb into several pieces then dissolve one piece inside a water-filled cup. After the bath bomb has dissolved completely, transfer the liquid into a spray bottle. Like an air freshener, shake the spray bottle and spritz the content in the air to make the room smell nice and fresh.

10. DIY Body Scrub using Bath Bombs 

As you’ve seen, there are many creative things you can do with bath bombs, even without a bathtub. Another cool trick is making a body scrub using your bath bombs and a few other ingredients. To make a home-made body scrub using bath bombs, follow these simple steps:

  • Place your bath bomb inside a plastic bag, then use a light object such as a small mallet to crush it.
  • Transfer the crushed bath bomb into a container.
  • Add a half-full cup of sugar into the container.
  • Put a third-full cup of melted coconut oil.
  • Cover the container with the mixture, shake it vigorously until the content mixes thoroughly. 

Once you have the body scrub, you can scoop it, apply it, and enjoy a sensational feeling in your body as you take a shower. 

11. Gift Your Loved Ones 

If you have a lot of bath bombs and lack a bathtub, why not gift your loved ones? When sending your birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or baby shower gift, include some bath bombs in the package to make it extra personal and unique. Keep them in airtight jars or bags to prevent damage from the air.

Alternatively, if you have a bath enthusiast friend or relative, you can send the bath bombs to them as a gift to let them know that you are thinking about them. 

12. Carrying Your Bath Bombs on Vacation 

Are you planning a vacation? Does the hotel you are planning to stay in have a bathtub? If so, why not pack your bath bombs and use them there? Bath bombs occupy minimal space, and you only need to keep them from crushing or getting moisture. You will enjoy a special bath away from home and have a chance to utilize your bath bombs. 


Were you worried that your bath bombs are useless without a bathtub? If yes, this article has given you a reason to breathe a sigh of relief since there are numerous ways to use a bath bomb without a bathtub. Be sure to try several methods and enjoy yourself. You can also try bath bomb alternatives like shower bombs and shower jellies.

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